Julianna Lin is a former women’s fitness competitor who received 3rd place trophies in 2015 at Jon Lindsay’s Muscle Contest in San Diego, California.

She is a certified weight loss nutritionist and holds a fitness trainer certification from National Academy Sports Medicine.

Her journey began in 2003 when she gained the infamous “college 15” (15-pound weight gain).

After 17 years of yo-yo dieting where she would gain and lose 15 lbs on and off, and hiring/firing a string of fitness trainers, she experienced a breakthrough that permanently banished her yo-yo weight gain habits.

For the past 4 years she has maintained her goal weight and enjoys looking and feeling like a fitness and bikini model year round.

Because of her struggles with weight loss and finally achieving her ideal body shape, she is extremely passionate about helping other women walk away from their old damaging beliefs caused by a poor self-image.

She loves teaching them how to build a new, healthy, strong, positive, and sexy body image by addressing it on both the outside (where quick improvements can increase confidence) and then on the inside, where permanent and lasting results are developed and achieved.  

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